Letter from the Organizers,

We proudly announce the 4th edition of the European Workshop on Control Engineering for Industry, CEIND. Everything started in April 2012 when the State Higher Vocational School in Głogów under the kind support of the LLP Erasmus program organized the first workshop in this series (see http://pwsz.glogow.pl/warsztaty-ceind-podsumowanie.html for a photo gallery). It was an excellent meeting, which apart from the lectures of renowned scientists from abroad, was a presentation forum for our students who took part in the mobility action under the Erasmus framework. They had an unforgettable occasion to present their research and technical development achievements being a result of the mobility actions.

Three years from this event, we can proudly say that five of them started their Ph.D. studies. We believe that that they will finish their Ph.Ds in a very near future and will support the local scientific group in Głogów with their outstanding skills and knowledge. We also believe that they will contribute to the development of new generations of young engineers at their Alma Mater in Głogów.

The subsequent CEIND workshops were organized by the Universte de Lorraine (Nancy, 2013) and Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten (Weingarten, 2014), which cooperate with us very actively and efficiently under the ERASMUS/ERASMUS+ framework.

In 2015, CEIND workshop will go back to Głogów.

We invite you kindly to Głogów hoping to organize a fruitful and interesting event.


With best regards and wishes to see you soon in Głogów,

Prof. Marcin Witczak – General Chair

Dr Izabella Ewa Cech – Local Arrangement Chair

Anna Akielaszek-Witczak – Organizing Chair

Małgorzta Komorowska – Organizing Chair

Iwona Borejko – Secretariat